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Herbal Therapy and Acupuncture

See an acupuncturist for proper herbal therapy


the discoursing just like says acupuncture is holistic health care provider I think I’m getting used to you making these videos all right they’re kind of fun just want to say hello hello hello out there world I’m trying to find a spot where I’m today it was a busy day for me in the clinic here seeing patients back

and forth prescribing the herbs a lot of people don’t know about Chinese herbs Chinese herbs are awesome just have to be used in the right way you don’t just buy some herbs from some company that maybe did one study and found out that you can use this herb for weight loss or something and then filled the market

with tons of supplements and not give anybody any kind of background in terms of where these supplements are coming from no we don’t do that not here no when I prescribed herbs see let me tell you something when you buy herbs from like a supermarket or something like that most likely you’re getting it off of an Internet

recommendation or a friend recommendation when I prescribe from there either formulas that have been approved by the State Board California State Board and or formulas that I have studied extensively through you throughout the years and have been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese medicine decoctions therapies so there is a difference between picking up something from

a store that you probably got from a friend’s recommendation who has no medical training or holistic health background maybe they do right maybe they might be most likely not but or speaking to someone who is professionally trained and prescribing herbs studies herbs not only professionally but for a hobby and yeah even practitioners who have grown up with

generations of being herbalist so next time you decide you want to go get that newest herb let me tell you let me give you a piece of advice go see your acupuncturist first and ask them what do I need what do you recommend because you’re the herbalist right so and I only think of this in or in

light of you know some patients who have very complicated issues everything from blood pressure medications to blood thinners to fibroid medication and you have to know what’s going on in order to make sure you’re prescribing someone something and monitor them and make sure that the herbs are working correctly there’s a big process in this so I just

wanted to give you a little bit more insight so it helps you please feel free to subscribe to my channel I think I’m uploading this to Facebook too so hit the like button if you like like that I hope you find this informative and we’ll go into your decisions in terms of using herbs because herbs can be

very safe they can be very effective better than the opioids we have out there and you see all the side effects from well there’s pharmaceutical medication so if you want an alternative there are safe alternatives which you need to work with someone who knows what they’re talking about and someone who’s a professional and has accountability for your

safety. You have a great day!

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