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What is Inflammation? Acupuncture for Inflammatory Response

Update May 26th, 2015 Stupid Pain. Stupid Inflammation. There has probably been multiple times in your life when you’ve smacked your toe or bumped your head to see the area become a slightly red, painful, and swollen. Maybe you may have been diagnosed with osteo or rheumatoid arthritis and you’re experiencing painful swollen joints? In all…

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Acupuncture for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Management

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? You’re doing your usual routine, either dropping off the last delivery or writing the last page to your most important novel, but gradually you’ve experienced some numbness and tingling  which has now become worse. You go get check out and find out that you have carpal tunnel syndrome. This occurs…

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Acupuncture for Proteus Syndrome Pain Management

While surfing the net I found this interesting video and felt it would be very eye opening to share. Mr. Richards suffers from proteus syndrome, a rare disease that causes dis-figuration and over growth. The condition is so rare that only a few hudred people suffer from the condition worldwide. Researchers at NIH have recently…

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