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Acupuncture and Proteus Syndrome Pain Management

While surfing the net I found this interesting video and felt it would be very eye opening to share. Mr. Richards suffers from proteus syndrome, a rare disease that causes dis-figuration and over growth.
The condition is so rare that only a few hudred people suffer from the condition worldwide.

Researchers at NIH have recently learned that Proteus syndrome is caused by a mosaic mutation in a gene called “AKT1.” 1. A mosaic gene mutation is a change in some cells but not others. With finding this gene, researchers are able to look into possible treatments for this disease. Until then, he and others with the disease must utilize surgery and pain management methods to manage the condition.

Acupuncture has been popularized for it’s ability to deal with pain management. Acupuncture for proteus syndrome pain management can provide relief to many people suffering from this condition. Every acupuncturist uses different methods to treat patients, but the treatment goal is all the same: subdue the imbalances and do the best we can to help and provide some type of relief.

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