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Stomach 34 Acupuncture Point – (Liang Qiu)

stomach 34 featured image close up

Stomach 34 (ST-34), also known as “Liangqiu”, or bright valley, is a significant acupuncture point located on the Stomach meridian. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each acupuncture point has specific indications and functions. Here’s some information about ST-34:

  1. Location: ST-34 is located on the anterior aspect of the thigh. It is about an inch diagonal from the upper outer corner of the patella (knee)
Acupuncture Point Stomach 36 Superior View
  1. Indications in TCM:
    • Stomach Disorders: As it’s on the Stomach meridian, ST-34 is primarily used for disorders related to the Stomach, such as gastritis, abdominal pain, and indigestion.
      • This point may also be useful with acid reflux. Lightly tapping the point with a finger or knuckle during for about 5 – 8 seconds. Repeat 2-3x.
    • Knee Pain and Disorders: It’s commonly used for knee pain, stiffness, swelling, and other knee disorders.
    • Harmonizing the Digestive System: ST-34 is believed to regulate and harmonize the functions of the Stomach and Spleen, which are crucial for digestion and metabolism. Again, that goes with indigestion and bloating.
    • Regulating Qi and Blood: In TCM theory, ST-34 is associated with regulating the flow of Qi (vital energy) and Blood in the Stomach meridian and surrounding areas.
  2. Techniques for Stimulating ST-34: Acupuncture needles are typically inserted at a depth of around 0.5 to 1 inch at ST-34, depending on the individual’s anatomy and the practitioner’s judgment. Techniques such as manipulation of the needle, moxibustion (burning of mugwort herb), or acupressure may also be used to stimulate this point.
Stomach 34 acupuncture acupressure point
Stomach 34 (St-34) from a superior (above) position

As with any acupuncture point, the specific indications and effects of ST-34 may vary depending on the individual’s condition and the overall treatment strategy devised by the practitioner. Always consult a qualified and licensed acupuncturist for personalized diagnosis and treatment.

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