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Acupuncture – lab results

Thoughts from the Acupuncture Clinic Acupuncture lab results and helping patients feel better


Carlo is a licensed acupuncturist and holistic health care provider. He emphasizes the importance of individualized treatment and believes in using scientific methods such as lab tests and medical records to better understand and treat patients. He works in Glendale, California and considers himself a primary care provider. He prioritizes patient well-being and aims to help them feel better before using acupuncture needles. He values explaining the treatment process to patients and believes in the power of pain management.


What’s going on! This is Carlo licensed acupuncturist holistic health care provider just wanted to leave you with some information today sometimes when I grabbed in my face when I grabbed the microphone when I grabbed the video recorder when I grabbed my phone and I press record I wonder what am I going to talk about health care provider

what I’m like once dogs you know it’s it’s been an interesting day you know people are feeling better and I want to keep that trend going I also want to make sure you can see me I’m using natural light here man I love the way the Sun radiates on my skin yeah how are you doing today how

are we doing been fun day I deal a lot more with pain management especially because when we’re dealing with insurance and most people are gonna come more particularly to see an acupuncturist when there’s signs of distress or pain and as a practitioner you know that’s one thing you know a lot of people once again you know people

may think or someone may think or have the question or the idea just because we’re on the holistic end of medicine or the you know it’s practice integrative health care that we don’t use the sciences or we don’t believe in that hey I’m a big fan of labs you got laboratories bring em in you have MRIs and

and MRI report bring it in MRA a CT whatever the case may be bring it in let me see it and records medical records I want to know your history I want to know all everything everything that you’ve that has happened up to this date so we can better treat you and find a more tailored

treatment option for you specifically that’s the other thing about acupuncture is that it’s individualized people are going to be coming in with multiple issues it’s like okay if two people come in with back pain yes the treatments may be similar but in the end I’m gonna I’m going to use different different points and give them different recommendations

based on where they’re at and our health and how severe the injury is and what they can do right so you’ve heard this idea in terms of having personalized medicine it may sound fancy very nice but it is here it is here today and he can find it you can find it by just going to an office

I’m hearing today I’m in my I’m working in Glendale at the Glendale Adventist outpatient there’s an outpatient facility or outpatient building here that that contains a lot of private practices so I practice here throughout the week and then I’m in my private practice as well so I see a wide range and variety of people here in Southern

California lovely California I might add so it’s very cool so you know using tests and and and making sure patients have kind of check themselves in terms of you know you can come to an acupuncturist here in Southern California will consider primary care providers so you can come to an acupuncturist if you have an issue and I

can refer you out as needed you don’t need a referral some insurance plans may require that you have a referral but it’s not required legally right and so but if you come in here huffing puffing and you have chest pains and you’re thinking you’re having a heart attack I’m going to refer you out to the emergency room

I’m not going to treat you so as a provider being aware in terms of what’s going on right a lot of times and it comes out the pain I think the common theme for today is pain is pain is treatable very treatable and you know what I do is I actually a lot of times I help people

feel better before we even put in the needles how do you help someone feel better before you put in the needles and then when you put in the needles it’s like it’s like the icing on the cake it really helps to solidify the treatment it helps to provide long longer term results and more long term positive outcomes

we can do that so how do you do that you do that through theory you do that through making sure you have the right diagnosis and making sure you’re applying the right treatment and my experience and what I’ve learned and being a provider I put all these things together and always having the patient’s best interest in mind

it’s not a cliche this is not a business thing like you know you see a lot of these commercials out there they’re using now marketing jive buzzwords right you know cool things yeah no this is a cool word I hate men I know I know I know so I you know they’re trying to use they’re trying to

get you with this this idea but really it is about putting the patients first and what would you do that’s why I’m always trying to come up with answers for individuals and trying to find the best treatment option trying to find the solution to your ailment to whatever your condition to help you improve because I know it’s

going to help someone else it may help me in my personal life it’s gonna help my patients it’s gonna help everyone it’s going to help this if to help society it’s gonna help research and understanding hello.tex message so with that you know it’s important to understand your theory it’s important to understand what you’re doing I like explaining

to the patients what’s going on have you ever gone to a healthcare provider and then they provide some kind of answer and it’s either so quick or you know it’s maybe a general answer from the textbook or something like that I like to help patients know as much as we can know without literally seeing without an x-ray

or any kind of imaging but you know when we combine our anatomy and physiology and our Chinese medicine and we’re looking and when patients are getting better right that’s my indicator

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