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Intro in Postural Kyphosis, aka “Hunchback”

Intro in postural kyphosis aka hunchback


Hi my name is Carlo St. Juste II, a licensed acupuncturist holistic health care provider and I just wanted to speak briefly on a condition known as high focus or hyper kyphosis as you can see here I brought up prop with me and it is something that I see common in the clinic amongst older adults let’s say I want

to see I want to say amongst adults in general my reason I say that is because literature will say that it’s more common in teens young adults it’s something that affects all ages so I just wanted to give you a little overview and so my focus is well you look at your spine here we have a normal

spine as you can see and it has already has natural curves in it well kyphosis is also known as round back or hunchback as you may have heard the term what it what it does is it’s a curvature it’s extended curvature of the upper back so this is the thoracic portion of your back the upper thoracic and

what happens is as you can see here when there’s a bigger curve when the curve is hyper-extended right it changes it changes how the upper portion of your neck your back protrudes all right so it changes your posture so that’s where you get the rounding of the back if that makes sense why does it happen but a

couple different reasons what I’m covering today is known as postural kyphosis which is due to either or age-related kyphosis right which is due to age which is due to posture the way you say it the way you conduct yourself throughout the day can have an effect over time on your spine just keep in mind that by this

these are just bones right what keeps the spine upright aligned food the muscles as well so for the treatment of postural kyphosis also known as hypertrichosis because you already have a natural curve which is known as kyphosis but clinically we just call it anyways there’s a lot of jargon there’s a reason why we say kyphosis in place

of hyper kyphosis but you don’t need to worry about that right so with that you know we you know so for treatment recommendation is physical therapy you can do muscle manipulation you can do chiropractic care acupuncture can help I can pressure lots of different modalities so there is not a need for surgery technically by unless it’s very

severe and needed right so this is something going to go nice with that you know I think it is important it is something that I do see and it’s not something that people will come in for they someone hasn’t came in and says and said hey I have my closest in my back or my back is whatever

the case may be it may be it’s something that even they may notice what it’s not a main complaint is something that I find of upon the physical examination and then I’ll point it out and I’ll let patients know and whether or not this kite phocis is affecting anything else literature says that a may affect your lungs

right from overextension but not necessarily affect other systems right weather affects your you know it’s affecting the pain or you know you’ve had pain in the back due to trauma right I have found that helping the natural but helping the body obtain its natural posture trying to reverse some of the kyphosis can help in the overall recovery

can help in the overall pain management I can help you just and your overall health so as an acupuncturist I enjoy looking at all aspects anatomies anatomy and physiology biology in traditional Chinese medicine in five elemental theory and we put it all together and see how we can help patients such as yourself this is Carlos Singh just

you feel free to come visit me here I’m in Burbank lovely Burbank and South Pasadena home of studios and all the fun stuff more than welcome to shoot me a message if you have any questions besides that I’m very glad to be here and you have a wonderful day.

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