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Youth Plastic Shin Guards with Soft Foam Interior


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Unlike football and hockey, which require a field, or a rink, plus several pounds of specialized equipment, soccer is one of the simplest sports to pick up and play. All you really need is a ball and goal. Many soccer players around the world don’t even use shoes. And that small investment is one reason why it’s such a great sport for young players. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay safe!The tibia, otherwise known as your shin, is one of the bones closest to the surface of the skin, so make sure to protect it! Our 8″ shin guards are shorter than adult sizes, providing complete coverage of the tibia to younger legs. The external plastic shell features reinforced ribbing for greater impact absorption, and the soft, ventilated foam padding is securely sewn to the shell to offer comfortable protection with longevity. Best of all, the 11″ red, white and blue adjustable straps stretch up to 20″ to fit a wide range of children and teens. The simple but strong Velcro closures mean putting them on is a breeze for even the youngest players.

Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions8 × 2.5 × 4 in