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Set of 5 Plyometric Jump Boxes (12″/18″/24″/30″/36″)


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Jump into Plyometrics!

Transform your workout routine with plyometric jump boxes, a vital addition for enhancing speed, stamina, and strength. These boxes cater to both beginners and dedicated fitness enthusiasts, helping you progressively boost your vertical jump. From basic box jumps to more challenging exercises like box jump marches and single-leg stands, the possibilities are boundless. Engage in various workouts such as box dips, step-ups, single-leg jumps, and more. You can also add complexity by adjusting the box height or incorporating multiple boxes into your training. Get creative by altering your body direction mid-air or performing lateral jumps.

Why You’ll Love the Plyometric Jump Boxes:

This set of jump boxes features five different sizes: 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, and 36″. Each box boasts a 25 mm width, a robust fully welded frame, and a fabric-covered top for a secure and high-quality platform. After completing your workout session, neatly stack the boxes for easy storage. Elevate your fitness journey today with these plyometric jump boxes!

Weight18.03 lbs
Dimensions61 × 28.25 × 28.25 in

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