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Medium Heavy Duty De-Shedding Tool

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Your Shedding SolutionLet’s face it, every pet with fur, no matter how cute and loveable, sheds. It’s a natural process that gets rid of old, damaged, or extra hair, but it’s also a pesky one that covers your home in loose hair and dander that wreaks havoc on allergy sufferers.You can’t stop shedding, but you can fight back. Gently run this de-shedding tool through your pet’s coat, then marvel at all the old fur you’ve collected. This tool is a dander dominator!Pet fur comes in two types: the short, flat undercoat, or down fur; and the long, coarse topcoat, or guard hair. This handy tool harmlessly passes through the topcoat and collects the loose, dead follicles of the undercoat. Promote healthier skin and a shinier topcoat, and keep your home clean!

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Dimensions12 × 6 × 3 in