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Weebo Pets Surgical Steel Nail Clipper with Comfort Grips Guillotine-style clippers with rubber comfort grips that keep the tool secure in your hand, even if you have a squirmy pet! Surgical-grade stainless steel blade and ringlet resists rust and corrosion to stay sharper, longer. Sharp blades are vital for clean cuts that don’t hurt. Dull blades simply crush the nail, which isn’t good for anyone!Why You’ll Love It: Guillotine-style clippers provide extra control and more precise cuts. Secure the nail between the ringlet and the blade, then shave off a slice of nail as thin as you like! This is particularly useful for safely cutting dark nails with invisible quicks. Choosing your pet’s nail clippersThere are two major types of pet nail clippers: guillotine-style and pliers-style, but which is right for you and your pet?Guillotine clippers are precise instruments. They provide a clean, single cut from just one side, and provide extra control when the nail is secured between the ringlet and the blade. If you’re particularly worried about cutting the quick, especially if your dog has dark nails, the guillotine’s slicing action allows you to shave thin slices and keep your pet comfortable. The blades are easily replaced, which extends your clippers’ value.Pliers-style clippers are easy to handle, and are typically easier to squeeze with less hand strength, which makes them ideal for large breeds with thick nails. These clippers feature a safety guard which limits the length of nail that can be cut and helps avoid cutting the quick. Pliers-style clippers are also ideal for dew claws, or particularly rounded nails, as they provide more flexible cutting angles than guillotine clippers.

Weight0.2375 lbs
Dimensions7.75 × 4.5 × 1 in