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Boost Athleticism

Elevate your performance with this dynamic hex ladder set designed for sports training and personal fitness. Whether you’re honing your footwork, mastering agility, or enhancing your vertical jumps, these vibrant hex rings are up to the challenge. The eye-catching fluorescent orange color ensures visibility on any surface, making it a versatile choice for athletes of all kinds.

Versatile Training Tool

This set comprises six connected hex rings, each with a 19″ diameter. When fully extended, the ladder spans nearly ten feet, offering ample space for unique agility workouts and plyometric exercises. The hex rings are easy to snap apart for quick adjustments, enabling you to tailor your training regimen to your specific needs.

Why You’ll Love It

Experience the benefits of multifunctional training with this hex ladder. Improve footwork, agility, and vertical jump performance, all with a single piece of equipment. Conveniently transport your hex ladder in the included sweat-resistant polyester bag, featuring a mesh top and a comfortable carry strap. Whether you’re on the field, indoors, or outdoors, this ladder is your key to versatile and effective workouts, from tuck jumps to squat jumps. Boost both upper and lower body fitness with ease.

Weight1.51284 lbs
Dimensions12 × 10 × 2 in