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5 Acupuncture Points To Avoid during Pregnancy

points to avoid during pregnancy

In my early days in practice, it took me some time to acquire the confidence to treat gestational patients. I remember my first patient I treated after going to school and finally working in a professional clinic. They were so confident in my ability to treat than I was initially. But as a licensed acupuncturist in the state of California, you must know what to do. Rose to the occasion I did, and years later, I treated many patients during pregnancy offering a natural, safe, treatment when other treatment options where not viable, including pain medication.

In TCM we have a few points which are contraindicated during pregnancy. When you know the points you can’t use, you can utilize the ones that you can use, and that has been my treatment provided ever since.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), special attention is given to acupuncture points contraindicated during pregnancy for various reasons.

Points To Avoid During Pregnancy:

  • LI 4 (Hegu): Stimulating this point on the hand is believed to promote the flow of Qi and blood to the uterus, which could induce contractions or potentially lead to miscarriage.
  • SP 6 (Sanyinjiao): This point is located above the ankle and is thought to influence the lower abdomen and pelvic cavity. Stimulation here might affect the uterus and potentially induce premature labor.
  • BL 60 (Kunlun): Found on the ankle, this point is associated with stimulating labor and is therefore avoided to prevent triggering contractions.
  • BL 67 (Zhiyin): Located at the tip of the little toe, this point is traditionally used to correct breech presentations. Its stimulation is thought to affect the uterus and not advisable to use.
  • GB 21 (Jianjing): This shoulder point is traditionally used to facilitate labor and is thus avoided during pregnancy as it may stimulate uterine activity.
pregnancy acupuncture points to avoid
pregnancy acupuncture points to avoid include GB 21

Pregnant patients should always consult with a qualified acupuncturist or other healthcare provider who is knowledgeable about which points to avoid during pregnancy to ensure safety.

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