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Acupuncture Points Around The Knee

Acupuncture Points Around The Knee

Acupuncture points around the knee are easily identifiable, and can also help the knees in addition to areas away from. You need to seek treatment with an licensed acupuncturist in order to gain a regimen or treatment utilizing these points.

The Common Acupuncture Points Around The Knee

Stomach 36 (ST36) (Zusanli)

Located approximately one hand breadth below the patella (kneecap) and one finger breadth lateral to the anterior crest of the tibia. It’s a major point for strengthening overall energy and vitality, and it’s also used for stomach and digestive issues.

Stomach 35 (ST35) (Dubi)

Found when the knee is flexed, in the depression lateral to the patellar ligament. This point is often used for knee pain and swelling.

Spleen 9 (SP9) – Yinlingquan

Located in the depression below the medial condyle of the tibia, on the inner side of the leg. It’s used for issues related to dampness in the body, which can manifest as swelling, edema, or digestive issues.

Spleen 10 (SP10) – Xuehai

Located when the knee is flexed, approximately 2 inches above the medial superior border of the patella, on the medial side of the thigh. It’s often used to invigorate blood and alleviate skin conditions.

Gallbladder 34 (GB34) – Yanglingquan

Located in the depression anterior and inferior to the head of the fibula. This point is known for its effect on tendons and joints and is commonly used for issues related to the gallbladder and liver meridians.


This is actually a pair of points located at the depression medial and lateral to the patellar ligament when the knee is flexed. These points are known as the “eyes of the knee” and are often used for knee pain and mobility issues.

Stomach 34 (ST34) – Liangqiu

Located on the front of the thigh, about a hand’s breadth above the knee cap when the knee is flexed, on the line connecting the lateral border of the patella and the anterior superior iliac spine. It’s used for knee pain and stomach issues.

Acupuncture Points – Back Of The Knee

Urinary Bladder UB38 – Fuxi

This point is not classically defined in most acupuncture texts. It may be a point that is used by some practitioners for specific, possibly non-standard treatments. The naming suggests it might be an extra point rather than a traditional one, and its location and use could vary. It’s not commonly referenced in standard acupuncture literature.

Urinary Bladder 39 (UB39) – Weiyang

This point is located at the lateral end of the popliteal crease, on the same level as UB40 but towards the lateral aspect of the leg. It’s known as the “Lower He-Sea point of the San Jiao,” which means it’s traditionally used to treat issues related to the San Jiao (Triple Burner) meridian, which in Chinese medicine is involved with the movement and transformation of fluids in the body.

Urinary Bladder 40 (UB40) – Weizhong

This is one of the most commonly used points in acupuncture. It’s located at the midpoint of the popliteal crease when the knee is flexed. UB40 is considered a powerful point for treating any kind of back pain, including lower back pain. It’s also used for conditions affecting the lower limbs, as well as for cooling the blood and clearing heat from the body, which can be beneficial for skin issues and detoxification.

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For precise location and therapeutic use, it’s best to consult with a licensed acupuncturist. They can provide guidance on how to stimulate these points correctly for the best results and can tailor the treatment to your specific needs.

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