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What Equipment Do I need for Kids Soccer? 8 Tips

A girl with a soccer ball and right equipement

For young children just starting in soccer, the focus should be on basic equipment that facilitates learning and enjoyment of the game. Here’s a list of essential gear:

  1. Soccer Ball: Ensure you get the right size for your child’s age group. For young children, a size 3 ball is typically recommended. As they grow, you can progress to larger sizes.
  2. Cleats (Soccer Shoes): Soccer-specific cleats or shoes provide better traction on the field. For children, comfort and proper fit are crucial to avoid foot discomfort.
  3. Shin Guards: These are essential for protection during practice and games, helping to shield the shins from kicks and stray balls.
  4. Comfortable Athletic Clothing: For practices, comfortable athletic wear that doesn’t restrict movement is ideal. This can include shorts, t-shirts, and soccer socks that cover the shin guards.
  5. Goalkeeper Gloves (if interested in playing goalie): These provide grip and protect the hands during saves. For young children exploring different positions, having gloves can be exciting.
  6. Water Bottle / Juice : Hydration is key, so always have a water bottle available during practices and games.
  7. Soccer Bag: A dedicated bag makes it easy to keep all soccer gear together and transport it to and from practices and games.
  8. Portable Goals/Cones (optional): For practice at home, having portable soccer goals or cones for dribbling drills can be beneficial.

Remember, at a young age, the emphasis should be on enjoyment and learning the basics. The equipment should facilitate this experience without being overly expensive or professional-grade. As they develop a deeper interest or if they start playing more competitively, additional gear might be necessary. Always check with your child’s coach or league for any specific equipment requirements.

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