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Swelling, Edema, and Acupuncture

Swelling and Edema What is it Acupuncture Clinical Perspective


Hey! How’s it going everyone this is Carlo St. Juste licensed acupuncturist holistic healthcare provider i wanted to speak briefly on the subject of swelling and edema and what is edema that is a collection of fluid in the body in certain areas it can happen in the in the hands or in the feet primarily in the in the

extremities and i want to speak about uh more of a an edema that happens from a trauma or for if we’re recovering uh from that or there could be many other reasons there could be issues with the kidneys or i can say issues in the area of nephrology or could be related to diabetes could be related to

congestive heart failure so we want to look at a number of reasons why the feet swell and look at why some of the other extremities do swell now someone is presenting if a patient is presenting these symptoms in my in my clinic in my presence i’m going to take a history such as asking if they’ve had

any history of congested heart failure or any lung issues or heart issues looking at distinguishing betw between the two types of edema we have a pitting edema and a non-pitting edema and the difference is for instance if you if i were to put my thumb on the area that is affected would there be an indentation and if

there would be an indentation that would be considered a pitting edema if there is no indentation that’s considered a non-pitting edema and that’s important because it can help you to determine how long the edema has been there right besides if the patient is has told you but it helps you to determine uh basically length of time and

the severity of the edema so in traditional chinese medicine we do have a diagnosis and symptoms for retention of water uh we can we associate it with with a condition called dampness and it can combine with another condition called wind and create wind dampness or you can create water wind dampness uh there’s a condition of kidneys overflowing

right uh water overflowing in the body and that may not sound practical if you’re coming from a science more biological biochem science background with no maybe previous knowledge of uh traditional chinese medicine right so you know try to put aside some of the uh i would say not rational thinking but whatever thinking you’re using in that system

and try to look at the symptoms that are being presented so when making these videos i’m i’m doing this off the top of my head here because i want to one it’s good to see what you know and i present the information as if i was being presented by a patient right the information was being presented by

a patient to me and what would be my best idea my best suggestions at the time and hopefully they help i see uh currently i’m treating a patient who is experiencing swelling in one of their extremities and it’s from a previous injury and the injury hasn’t healed completely and this patient is experiencing issues with pain and the

swelling and a little bit of the pitting aspect and so with the acupuncture treatment what are we doing are we trying to improve the circulation are we trying to remove the excess water or excess fluids or whatever exudates are within the area that’s damaged right what are we trying to do that’s all of it reduce the pain

reduce the swelling reduce improve the circulation reduce the inflammation move the right call in the right neurotransmitters and activate the right neurotransmitters and and neural chemicals and help to alleviate and and create a response that will promote a more positive change and so i just wanted to explore this subject and if it depending if it’s on the

hand or on the feet if it’s one hand or both hands or one foot or both feet usually both feet if dealing with some type of internal medicine disorder and as far as treatment for herbs do we use herbs yeah there’s there’s formulas that we use and i you know i’m not going to just name them all

so you can go get them you don’t just take them right find something that is okay says this works for this you just say you see a practitioner and you see if the formula right the practitioner will determine if you’re a good candidate for the formula and if you are then they can prescribe you the formula and

then monitor you in terms of making sure that you’re not getting any of the bad side effects so when they come when when presented with these symptoms when someone comes in i’m trying to be as accurate and and also thinking of chinese medicine diagnosis and herbs there’s a different formulas willing son there’s uh fooling which is used

for draining the dampness in chinese medicine during any kind of uh yeah you can maybe liken it to some sort of diuretic effect is is similar draining that dampness and and even helping to reduce the adipose tissue the fat and the acupuncture right the acupuncture so uh definitely i’m gonna have more videos i i have been posting

more and as you can see i’m wearing my mask please wear your mask please feel free to hit the like button on there so more people can see the video and gain access to the knowledge and maybe it can be something useful that they can use clinically as well as uh maybe in their own lives so uh

once again uh and please feel free uh if you have any questions you can always send an email at mailbox at csj and i will talk to you soon thank you.

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