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Stiff Back and Low Energy

Stiff back and need energy Thoughts from the acupuncture clinic

In this video, Carlo, a licensed acupuncturist and holistic health care provider wants to ensure he can give his full attention without any disturbances. He discusses how acupuncture is a general term for the medicine, theory, and therapy he practices. He applies the principles of acupuncture in his daily life to prevent illness. He mentions that stretching can help prevent stiffness and demonstrates how to stretch the hamstrings, quads, calf muscles, and other parts of the body. He also suggests using knuckles for back massage and mentions that he washes his hands frequently. Carlos invites viewers to subscribe to his channel for more information and wishes everyone an awesome day.

What’s going on this is Carlo licensed acupuncturists holistic health care provider hey hey I am in my South Pass office just want to make sure uncle Dora so we’re not disturbed cuz I want to give you my full undivided attention give my patients just like I give my family just like like I’d give anyone right

with respect okay so okay it’s a good day even though I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked yesterday so a great day and also partially the reason why my back is so stiff so this this video is entitled what what do you do dude well you know I think part of you know and

in previous videos I’ve discussed that acupuncture is used as a a it’s it’s so it’s not in composting sorry I was just thinking about a patient I have so acupuncture is used as a just a general encompassing term in terms of the medicine in terms of the theory in terms of the therapy so I like using the

theories and applying the principles in my daily life and use that and use the principles in terms of trying to prevent illness so I wonder what are some of the ways you can do that let me see if I can set up the phone here backdrop here fortunately you might not be right no I do have a

YouTube video I will put the link on there on here right but it’s how to do a front leg stretch okay how to stretch out that leg so one of the things we can do right is stretch out and what that does is you want to keep your back straight I’ll post the video okay so stretching out

the hamstring all right so I haven’t I don’t have my tripod set up so maybe I’ll shoot a video right now right after this and show you but you can stretch out the hamstrings you can stretch out the quads you can stretch out the gastrocnemius or known as a calf what we call the gastroc all right yeah

gastrocnemius right what do you call it right you can stretch out the fibularis longus and brevis you can stretch out the ITB you can stretch out the upper body get that circulation going and it will help you feel better it will take care of the back you can also do some stuff massage with your knuckles on your

back sorry I just wash my hands as well watch my ass three times a day so some if you see my hands or half she sometimes what so long on these videos do not fret okay have some lotion here hey everybody and watch my hands in two minutes so anyways I hope you enjoyed this video please subscribe

to my channel if you need more information and you’re like as I did that’s all I need to do the stretch so I can take care of my stiff back you know yeah yeah I’ll get more into the science as well as you know how can we eat elongate these muscle fibers and help them and have them

wishing you an awesome day and peace thank you

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