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What You Should Know About Your Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture doll that shows points and meridians

Hi, I haven’t been watching my diet in over 20 years, I exercise once in a while, enjoy sitting idle for 8 hours a day, and I’m in pain. Many patients come in with the expectation that hopefully all of their problems can be solved with one treatment. Believe me, I understand where you’re coming from. You hear there’s a remedy for this or there is a treament for that, or so and so had acupuncture and it worked for them but not me. Well I wanted to provide your with some insights on what your acupuncturist is thinking and how you can have a more successful outcome with your treatment regimen.

I have to get to know you.

Acupuncture is personalized holistic medicine, meaning the treatment/prognosis all depends on the individual. You can’t come in with a stack full of medical records and expect every problem to disappear immediately. Life has it’s own methods of facilitating the healing process, which is actually a growing experience. As an acupuncturist becomes more familiar with how the condition is affecting you, treatments will become a bit shorter and more direct, but still focused on fixing the root of the problem.

Personally my treatment method requires me to understand my patients eating habits, moods, body type and muscle capabilities, changes in the tongue, and examination of the pulse. By the third treatment I have better understanding of my patient and they have a better understanding of me.

Time is a very interesting concept and can work towards our advantage if we want it to. Through time we develop better insight and understanding of problems, then take a leap closer towards a solution. As time goes by and more is learned about your condition, maybe things will come up that we didn’t discuss in the first treatment. Sometimes you have so much on your mind that you need to get out, mistakenly forgetting a symptom or two which may require us to slightly alter your treatment plan.

Acupuncturist working together with patient to promote wellness

I can’t do alone.

Acupuncture for weight loss can be great, but if you’re binging grossly behind the scenes, or saying “it’s ok, I’m getting acupuncture” to justify breaking your nutritional plan constantly, then Houston we have a problem! You can do all the acupuncture you want, but you need to meet us halfway. It’s ok to treat yourself to rewards for hard work, and it’s ok to stumble a bit until you find your groove, but if your doing things that counter your therapy, then prepare to spend a lot more for your healthcare needs than intended. However, if you want to feel better and change your health habits, then the ball game changes and you are now in the right mode and mindset for healing. 

I have tools for you when I’m not here

Yes, very true indeed. There is a common phrase used that goes “the best type of doctor is the one who doesn’t see his patients”, and I believe there is truth to this. Chinese medicine and acupuncture theory are new concepts for many patients and not only do we have to educate you on how acupuncture works, but how to take care of your body once you’re outside the treatment room. Understanding Chinese medicine will help you to identify imbalances in your life that maybe causing harm to your body. 

Acupuncturists are here to help you deal with health imbalances within your body in a natural way. The healing power is within you, we just help point to the root of the problem.

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3 thoughts on “What You Should Know About Your Acupuncture Treatment”

  1. several time i use acupunture treatment, it work for me, my condition more better than before,
    find accupunture professional treatment with herbal medicines, and maybe you don’t do alone

    1. Hi yes everyone is different and the treatments will vary. Also herbal medicine and acupuncture go hand in hand. Acupuncturist use many different techniques to promote holistic healing, including acupressure, heat therapy, nutrition, and cupping.

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