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Plyometric Jump Boxes, Set of 3 (12″/18″/24″)


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Elevate Your Fitness Training With A Set Of Plyometric Jump Boxes

Supercharge your workout regimen with Plyometric jump boxes. These boxes are a crucial addition to any training program, designed to enhance speed, stamina, and strength while boosting your vertical jump. Whether you’re a novice or a dedicated fitness enthusiast, these boxes are perfect for you.

Endless Workout Possibilities!

Begin your training with basic box jumps and progressively challenge yourself with various exercises like box jump marches and single-leg stands. Dive into a world of workout possibilities, from box dips to step-ups and even advanced single-leg jumps. Experiment with different box heights to test your limits and take your skills to new heights.

What Makes Them Special:

This jump box set offers three box sizes, pushing you beyond your boundaries. Each box features a 25mm width, a robust fully welded frame, and a fabric-covered top for a secure and high-quality platform. After your workout, easily stack and store these boxes, keeping your space clutter-free and organized.

Weight49.6 lbs
Dimensions22 × 26 × 21 in