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Large Red Soft’n’Safe Dog Harness


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Our Soft’n’Safe dog harness is the safe leash alternative! Collars have been used for hundreds of years because they are a good, functional tool with a simple design, but because collars fit around the neck, dogs can end up hurting themselves simply by pulling against the leash. This is especially true for smaller breeds. Soft’n’Safe harnesses fit around a dog’s chest, just above the shoulders, which relieves pressure on your dog’s neck. All resistance is redistributed more safely across the chest, which is much more broad and strong than the neck. Each harness is Velcro-adjustable through the chest, so finding the perfect fit is quick and easy!We manufacture our Soft’n’Safe harnesses with ultra-lightweight polyester mesh designed to never hinder or impede movement, even on breeds that weigh no more than a few pounds! Each harness is also lined with cotton piping around the chest, neck, and arm openings to ensure the harness can be worn comfortably all day.

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Dimensions10 × 7 × 0.5 in