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6-Foot Portable Folding 4 Seat Bench, Red


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Cheer on your team in the company of friends! This 4-person bench from Crown Sporting Goods is perfect, whether you’re cheering on your team, sitting with teammates, or enjoying the company of friends at an outdoor event. Choose from our selection of 3 colors, and don’t worry about confusing directions or tools because no assembly is required. It has all the comfort of a foldable chair with the convenience of a bench. Simply remove the bench from our shoulder strap carrying bag and pop open your nearly 6 foot bench. Feel free to jump up and cheer for your team and settle down on the bench. It has exceptional durability and a sturdy build, so you won’t have to worry about it ripping or breaking. Each seat on the bench will hold up to 220 lbs. And at the final whistle, scrunch it together with ease and place it back on your shoulder to carry it to the next game, or home for a victory celebration.Why you’ll love it:Most other portable chairs require dragging more than one chair to the field, which can be a hassle. This 4-person bench is a one-stop shop and its light weight makes it comfortably fit right over your shoulder to carry and then expands out with ease in a matter of seconds. On top of all that, this bench comes with the comfortable chair backs that regular benches simply do not provide. When expanded, the bench is about 6 feet long and folds down to just 30″x 13″x 6″ when put together in the carrying bag. It is lighter than competitors and weighs about 16 pounds.

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions24 × 12 × 5 in