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12 inch Training Hurdles For Agility


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12 inch Training Hurdles for speed and agility!

Elevate your agility and performance with Crown Sporting Goods Agility Hurdles. These essential training tools are perfect for honing footwork skills in any field sport. Crafted from robust PVC, they can endure the unpredictable outdoor training conditions and are available in neon orange for high visibility, regardless of practice time. The small rubber caps on each end protect surfaces from scratches or tears when in contact with the hurdles. A 5 pack of 12-inch training hurdles, enabling you to tailor your training for a wide range of drills.

Why you’ll love them:

While simple in structure, hurdles are incredibly versatile training equipment. They help athletes build power, enhance agility, speed, coordination, and overall athletic performance. Ideal for a wide variety of field sports, including football, soccer, track and field, lacrosse, and field hockey, these hurdles are a valuable investment for coaches, school athletic programs, and athletes of all levels. Tough enough to withstand rigorous practices yet lightweight to keep players safe on impact, these hurdles provide endless opportunities for drills. With Crown Sporting Goods Agility Hurdles, you’ll be amazed at the variety of exercises you can incorporate into your training routine!

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