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Pink Meditation Cushion Round Zafu 18 Inches

Elevate your meditation practice with our 18″ zafu cushion, designed for serene and comfortable seating. Crafted with rugged yet soft canvas, this modern zafu withstands daily use while maintaining its plushness. Filled with dense 100% cotton, it offers the perfect balance of elevation and support for a centered and tranquil meditation experience.


15inch Pink Zafu Meditation Cushion Round

This product has been discontinued.

Your Pink Meditation Cushion Awaits…

Serenely sit upright, inhale, exhale, and clear your thoughts.

For generations, zafus have been indispensable aids in deep and mindful meditation. By gently elevating the lower torso, zafus alleviate joint stress on hips, knees, and ankles, alleviate pressure on bones, and foster a naturally aligned spine for restful comfort, creating the ideal mental clarity environment.

Great Cushion Quality

Traditionally crafted with exquisite textiles and filled with kapok, a plush Thai fiber, contemporary zafus adopt sturdy, durable canvas that retains its softness and comfort while enduring the demands of everyday use in bustling households. Packed with dense 100% cotton, these zafus maintain the perfect blend of elevation, firmness, and support.

Our 18″ zafu boasts a plush 6″ thickness and features a convenient carry strap. The canvas cover effortlessly unzips for swift and easy cleaning, ensuring an uncluttered meditation space every time.

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 8 in