Tai Chi For Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers will gain the calmness, clarity, focus, and relaxation skills to deal with any intense situation.

Tai chi has scientific proven benefits to help reduce stress while improving physical health simultaneously.

Peace Officers will also learn NON-LETHAL techniques that are effective in any defense situation.

About the Instructor
Carlo St. Juste II, L.Ac is a licensed acupuncturist and martial arts practitioner with over 14 years experience training. His styles include Eagle Claw Kung Fu (Lian Quan), Yang Style Tai Chi, and mixed submission grappling. He has taught civilian, active police and military, as well as retired veterans self defense and tai chi. His techniques are meant for everyday real life situations and not competition.

Currently offering training at NO COST to cities interested in implementing.

Hands on demonstrations available upon request.

818-848-2225 Office
818-527-2356 Direct