Beginner Tai Chi Online Course

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About Course

Welcome! This online course aims at giving you a good understanding of how to do tai chi to improve your health and quality of life. Please remember to consult your primary healthcare provider before conducting any rigorous exercise program.

Tai chi, also known as Tai Ji, means supreme ultimate.  It means to take ourselves back to a relaxed state, to take your mind and body to the supreme ultimate of the universe.  Tai chi chuan (or TaiJi Quan in Mandarin) means supreme ultimate fist, which refers to the martial arts self defense side of tai chi. It is actually considered to be one of the strongest kung fu martial arts.

In movements you will notice small subtleties such as movement with stillness, hardness with softness, empty and solid positions.  It’s through recognition of opposites and how they interact that gives us a basis for how you learn. Don’t worry, you will be able learn this and use this anytime, for the rest of your life.


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What Will You Learn?

  • Basic Yang Style Tai Chi Principles
  • Breathing Principles
  • Movement Principles
  • Where does the mind go?

Course Content

The Entire Form, From Start to Finish (START HERE!!!!)
This is the entire 16 movement of the Tai Chi Basic Form. Use these videos to help you practice anytime.Just start watching the videos and start copying the movements. You can be inside a room, outside in the parking lot, or at a park.

  • Entire Form Example 1
  • Entire 16 Form – Example 2

All Basic Movements Explained and Broken Down
All the movements of the form are broken down here. If you need to see something again it is right here. You don't have to watch the entire form to practice one area. Remember, even just practicing one movement for the day counts.

Printables and Handouts
Here you will find materials in pdf format that will assist you in your tai chi practice.

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